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Welcome to my psychiatric and psychotherapy practice for individuals in Scottsdale. Scheduling an appointment to see a psychiatrist takes courage and it is not an easy decision to confide your problems and deepest secrets to a stranger.

The greatest asset I bring to your care is my understanding of the person as a whole, from a genetic, medical, psychological and environmental aspect.

Based on my education and research in anatomy and psychiatry, as well as my extensive training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, I am able to offer compassionate therapy to support my clients in alleviating psychological distress. This may be combined with prudent medication management, if necessary, integrating neuroscientific and psychodynamic concepts.

My objective is to help my patients understand the unconscious motivations of their behaviors to reach their highest potential and personal goals. This process of exploration which leads to insight and deeper understanding, will result in a more fulfilling life with richer relationships, creative living and inner peace.